A whole production site for NAFTAL and METALENG

Usine complète NAFTAL-METALENG

Inauguration of a complete production plant at 16G Semmar-Alger ✅
Our teams are proud to deliver this major project  :

  • 25 t/h Emulsion unit
  • 25 t/h PMB unit
  • Emulsifier melters
  • Acid tanks
  • Heaters
  • Unloading
  • Loading arms

The site is launched for the first time in the presence of Mr CHAFI Abdelkader (CEO of NAFTAL SPA) and Mr ARABET Said (CEO of METALENG/ ENCC / ENCC) ✨ Everything is now ready to start producing ▶️

A big thank you to Abdallah Kerkouri (ATCS), our agent in the area, for his dedication and professionalism !