Commissioning: VIALAB’s Laboratory in Casablanca – MOROCCO

Commissioning à Tit Mellil – Casablanca – Morocco, at our partner’s facility “Remorques Equipements”.

Feel free to visit us at our “Show-Room”. A laboratory dedicated to bitumen and bitumen emulsion testing !

List of tests:

  • Needle penetration of bitumen as per EN 1426,
  • Softening point as per EN 1427,
  • Labscale production of bituminous emulsion,
  • Water content by Azeotropic distillation of emulsion as per EN 1428,
  • Water content by moisture analyzer as per EN 16849,
  • Determination of breaking value of emulsion as per EN 13075-1,
  • Determination of sieve residue as per EN 1429,
  • Determination of STV viscosity as per EN 12846-1,
  • Determination of pH according to EN 12850.

Training and services:

  • Theoretical and technical training on bitumen emulsions,
  • Laboratory technical training – Bituminous binder testing,
  • Training to formulation of bitumen emulsions,
  • Formulation of emulsions : improvment of your actual formulae, new formulae development.

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