VIALAB – Trainig courses

Road networks constitute the first social network, allowing cultural and goods exchanges. Their construction, like their maintenance, is essential to make the territories accessible and economically competitive.
Endowed with an extremely developed rotator network, with a secondary network making accessible every square kilometer of its territory, France occupies a leading position on the international scene. Its know-how, particularly in the production and use ofBitumen Emulsions, is the result of decades of development and experimentation, which make it an expert country.

It is because Emulsions Techniques represent an appropriate response to all current and future challenges in terms of economic and environmental performance, without compromising on the quality of coatings, that VIALAB offers you training courses that will allow you to integrate these techniques into your business skills. From Theoretical Training presenting the basic principles of these techniques, to Experimental Training in the Laboratory, VIALAB gives you access to more than 80 years of know-how, and supports you towards greater autonomy in the management of your formulations, productions and applications.

These training courses are aimed at operators and production managers, on-site applicators and contractors, technicians and laboratory engineers, and can be carried out in groups, face-to-face or remotely.