Water content of bitumen emulsions | Moisture Analyser

This standard test method consists of determining the proportion of water contained in a representative bitumen emulsion sample using a moisture balance analyzer or desiccant scale. The emulsion sample is heated to between 110 and 150°C, allowing the water to evaporate and therefore the amount of binder remaining to be determined. The test is considered as an alternative to the reference methods EN 1428 and EN 1431 for emulsions of pure road bitumen, without flux, with flux of plant origin or up to a mass content of 1.5% of mineral flux. The user must first prove his reliability internally, compared to the benchmark tests. Its advantages are manifold:

  • Speed and precision (10 to 30 minutes per test),
  • No toxic solvent handled,
  • 4 g of emulsion is sufficient.

EN 16849 | ASTM D7404