XXII CILA 2024 Congress – Join us there !

👷‍♂️Meet us in Granada (Spain) at the #XXII CILA congress from April 22 to 26.Diego DE FONTENELLE and Antonin RICHARD [...]

Roads do not like low temperatures

It’s getting colder. And roads do not appreciate that. Why is that so ? Because road binder have elastic properties. Have [...]

Decarbonate roads – 2 years to launch the transition

2 years. This is the time remaining for the French road sector to reach its climate goals through the development [...]

Etat de la Route 2023 – A new dynamic dynamique

« Massively rely on all cold asphalt techniques. »The 2023 edition of L’Etat de la Route (The State of the [...]

Sylvie GERAUD in our Sales Administration

What is your personality ? “I am a dynamic, curious, and pugnacious. » Sylvie GERAUD is our new Sales Administration [...]

100 years of bitumen emulsion

« Want a glass of emulsion ? » To celebrate the 100th anniversary of the first patent on bitumen emulsions [...]

Focus on Client – Laboratoire CBTP

Immersion at one of our clients: Laboratoire CBTP. Looking for a laboratory device to modify bitumen, Romain BAUDET called VIALAB. [...]

A whole production site for NAFTAL and METALENG

Inauguration of a complete production plant at 16G Semmar-Alger ✅Our teams are proud to deliver this major project  : The [...]

1 year of Industry

Who would have thought ? One year ago, VIALAB was still mainly providing laboratory equipment. Since then, the staff has more [...]

Latex modified bitumen emulsions : good solution for producers ?

Some admire it, others hate it: latex for the modification of bitumen emulsions is at the center of heated debates [...]

Bitumen emulsion training for SOGEA-SATOM Benin

VIALAB is heading to Benin 🇧🇯 The Sogea-Satom Benin teams call on Vincent HESRY and Antonin RICHARD to complete their [...]

CORE Center COLAS acquires a new PMB Polyvalens

The CORE Research Center from COLAS aquires a new PMB Polyvalens ✅ Faithful to the ATOMIX® laboratory pilots for several generations, the CORE [...]

90 years of ATOMIX® technology for bitumen emulsions

Exactly 90 years ago, Marcel ROUAZE was submitting his patent regarding the ATOMIX® technology 🎂 These homogenizers were born in [...]

Already 1 year at VIALAB for Antonin RICHARD

Cooking is like chemistry 🍰To celebrate 1 year at VIALAB, our chemical engineer Antonin RICHARD shows off his cooking skills, with a [...]

What are biobased light colored binders in the road industry ?

Introduction In the road sector, biobased light colored binders, although marginal, are attracting attention because of their environmental, practical and [...]

Everything about the production of PMB

Introduction The modification of bitumens by polymers is a common process, which aims at reinforcing the resistance of bituminous binders [...]

VIALAB’s new era

? Vincent Hesry presents you the new era of VIALAB ? Since the integration of Emulbitume’s activity, we now also provide [...]

Particle size and stability of bitumen emulsions | Webinar

Links : Lab emulsion production : Agilis – Simplified laboratory pilot Seperation stability and Particle size : LUMiSizer®

A big step for VIALAB

You got it : VIALAB now provides industrial equipment to produce emulsions as well as Cold Patching Asphalt (CPA)❄ Until [...]

Abdou, new lab intern at Vialab

A new member in the Vialab team 🙌 Mame Abdou LO joins us for a 6-month internship related to his Master [...]

Emulsion Season 2022 !

☀ Temperatures are rising again, the Bitumen Emulsion Season is near !☀ Vialab provides everything you need to formulate, produce [...]

Vocabulary on Bitumen Emulsion

Check your vocabulary on bitumen emulsion with our Vialab crossword 😉 Tell us on LinkedIn if you were able to [...]

The role of water in bitumen emulsions

Introduction Water is a major component of bitumen emulsions. It is the vector of the chemical energy provided by the [...]

Breaking of Bitumen Emulsions Made Simple

Understanding and controlling the breaking of emulsions is key to master cold pavement techniques 💧 The breaking of an emulsion [...]

How to heat bitumen in the lab ?

How to heat bitumen in the lab ? Antonin RICHARD answers this question with his guests through a video 😉 [...]

Jérôme, our new Technical & Product Manager

Jérôme LE BELLEGUY joins Vialab as Technical & Product Manager. Excited by the science behind our products, Jérôme will manage [...]

Antonin, new Project Manager at Vialab

Antonin RICHARD joins the Vialab team as Project Manager after a 6-month internship in our laboratory. Antonin has brilliantly obtained [...]

A new Complete Laboratory Pilot Atomix C Inside at VALOCHEM

Our client VALOCHEM, specialist in bitumen emulsions and latex, has just expanded its equipment fleet with a Complete Laboratory Pilot [...]

Why should you formulate your bitumen emulsions ?

Introduction Bitumen emulsions are used in the road sector for the construction of new roads and for maintenance. Some countries [...]