Ventilated universal ovens

VIALAB offers a complete range of universal ovens, suitable for all drying, heating, hot keeping, sterilization, component aging and hardening applications in laboratories and all sectors of industry .

Robust construction meets quality requirements, forced horizontal ventilation for incredible temperature uniformity, regulator for maximum accuracy and reliability.

8 volumes: 32, 58, 112, 225, 343, 490, 686 and 980 liters

Reliable and accurate temperature controller. Equipped with a microprocessor. PT100 measurement. PID electronic controller. Accuracy: 0.1 ° C.

Optimized ventilation. A variable speed drive on the control panel can vary the fan speed. Inside the oven, the air is sucked in by the turbine. It is warmed by the resistances then is blown into the useful volume.

Adjustable air renewal. Adjustment button on the front panel to open more or less the shutter of the air outlets located at the rear of the oven. Hot air escapes and is replaced by ambient air. Air outlets Ø 35 mm can be connected to an extraction system.

Lateral passage Ø 20 mm. A passage Ø 20 mm centered on the left wall allows the passage of cables or probes. A silicone stopper makes it possible to seal / seal the passage in case of non-use.