Epi-Fluorescence Microscope

The modification of bitumen with elastomers and/or plastomers (PMB) improves their mechanical characteristics. In the laboratory, it is possible to analyze the homogeneity of the polymer dispersion in the binder using an epi-fluorescence microscope.

A light beam emitted by a mercury lamp is projected onto the sample through the objectives, after selection of the excitation wavelengths by the set of dichroic mirrors and excitation filters. Polymer molecules, which are fluorescent, are excited and emit light which gets filtered to select specific wavelengths so that the operator can visualize them. Photos and videos are then recorded to document the observation. Our microscope offers six (6) optical combinations to generate incident beams from 330 to 560 nm and to select fluorescent waves from 400 to 590 nm.

The set consists of the following elements:

  • Epi-fluorescence microscope with different optical filters
  • A current generator powering the Mercury lamp
  • An 11.8″ touchscreen tablet equipped with a 16 MP camera and a keyboard/mouse set
  • Acquisition and measurement software

The set makes it possible to visualize the dispersion of polymers in bitumen for the purposes of formulation and production control, but also to observe emulsions of pure bitumen, PMB and bi-phasic (latex).

EN 13632