Laboratory asphalt mixer | 60 kg

Laboratory mixer for the preparation of homogeneous samples of asphalt mixes according to Annex B of standard NF P98-250-1 et NF EN 12697-35.


  • Abrasion-resistant steel tank (cylindrical)
  • Capacity : around 30 L (40 to 60 kg of asphalt mix)
  • Two-way electrical rotation, adjustable speed from 25 to 60 rpm
  • Tilting for electrically controlled emptying
  • Electrical heating, adjustable up to 250 +/- 5°C
  • Continuous temperature measurement directly in the material, by a shielded probe mounted on the lid
  • Mixing tool mounted on the lid
  • A vertical shaft equipped with 2 blades offset by 45 ° (abrasion resistant steel)
  • Electrically operated opening and closing of the lid

Control panel

  • Manual controls for raising / lowering the cover, raising / emptying the tank
  • PLC for the programming of mixing cycles, in order to guatantee the repeatability of the mixings :
    • Heating of the tank
    • Mixing speed
    • Duration of the mixing


  • Protective box around the lid to prevent contact with the rotating parts
  • Rotation impossibile if the lid is open, stopping of the rotation when the tank is raised
  • Sealed closing during the mixing
  • Obligation to use both hands to control the movements of the lid and the bowl: no risk of jamming

Power supply : 400 V – 50 Hz – 12000 W
Weight : 470 kg
Dimensions : 1015 x 1115 x 1490 mm (L x P x H)