Bitumen emulsion adhesivity

Bitumen and bituminous binders | Determination of adhesivity of bituminous emulsions by water immersion test

The method takes into account two distinct aspects of tackiness, namely immediate tackiness and the effect of water on the adhesion of the binder. The method can be implemented with a reference aggregate. In this case, it measures the intrinsic adhesiveness of the bitumen emulsion. The method can also be implemented with a specific aggregate used on site.

The bitumen emulsion is mixed with the aggregates under specified conditions. Immediate adhesiveness is assessed visually after washing the mixture with water.

The effect of water on the adhesion of the binder is evaluated on the emulsion / aggregate mixture previously matured, then immersed in water under defined conditions.

In both cases, the adhesiveness is expressed as a percentage of the surface area of the aggregates stained with binder.

EN 13614