Recovery & stabilization of the binder of an emulsion

Recovery, stabilization and aging of the binder of a bitumen emulsion or of a fluidized or fluxed bitumen.

Part 1: Recovery by evaporation

This document prescribes a method of recovering the binder from a bitumen emulsion or a fluidized or fluxed bitumen after conditioning at room temperature for 24 h followed by 24 h at 50°C, so that subsequent tests can be achieved by modifying the characteristics of the binder as little as possible. For fluidized or fluxed bituminous binders, this test method is only an intermediate step and must be followed by the stabilization procedure specified in part 2. However, the recovered binder is tested as it is to characterize the hardenability. bituminous binders containing plant fluxes.

Part 2: Stabilization after recovery by evaporation

Method for stabilizing the binder recovered at 85°C for 24 h for a binder obtained after recovery from a bitumen emulsion or a fluidized or fluxed bitumen, so that this stabilized binder can be subjected to the performance of tests.

EN 13074-1 & EN 13074-2