Bitumen emulsion production | Complete Laboratory Pilot

Laboratory pilots are used to produce small quantities of emulsions in the laboratory. They make it possible to develop new formulas, adapt existing ones and test new components (bitumens, emulsifiers, additives) at lower cost, with an emulsion quality close to that of industrial plants. The ATMO Processus and the PMB Polyvalens can be used to produce 1 to 8 L samples while the ATMO Agilis is ideal for 1 L samples.

Based on the ATOMIX® technology, our laboratory pilots are used by the world’s largest specialists in bitumen emulsion, whether they are producers or applicators in the road, construction, (Colas, Eurovia, Eiffage, Soprema, …), suppliers of emulsifiers (Arkema, Ingevity, Valochem, …), or refiners (Total, Shell, …).

The effective emulsification of the ATOMIX® C homogenizers makes it a world reference in many sectors of activity.

Based on ATOMIX® technology

The ATOMIX® C homogenizer equips the laboratories of the main companies in the road sector. The lab pilots are small-size units made to produce bitumen emulsion (or other) on a small scale in order to test the quality and compatibility of the products used (bitumen, emulsifier, latex, etc.).

All over the world, our machines produce all types of emulsions, thus meeting the highest standards.

The production of bitumen emulsions requires a prior search for formulas suitable for the use and application of these emulsions.