Bitumen emulsion stability | LUM® Products

LUM’s patented technology makes it possible to assess the stability of emulsions quickly and efficiently. Unlike standard storage stability tests (Bottle test type), these tools provide information on the composition of the whole sample over the entire duration of the test and in record time.

In addition, the LUMiSizer® allows to accelerate the destabilization of emulsions by centrifugation up to 2,300 times and to determine the particle size of the emulsions from the sedimentation/creaming speeds. Watch our Webinar to see how the LUMiSizer® can improve your analysis.

The sensitivity of emulsions to temperature, the hydrodynamic density of the particles, the quantity of residual water in the binder or even the purity of the breaking water can also be apprehended with these devices.

Vialab has selected these products in partnership with LUM GmbH and provides them in France for bitumen, oil and chemical applications.


> Webinar – Formulate and control your bitumen emulsions