Aqueous phase preparation for Bitumen emulsions

To produce bitumen emulsion, the aqueous phase must be prepared with the right equipment, ingredients, quantities and protocol. The composition of the aqueous phase (also called “soap solution”) must be adapted to the type of emulsion you wish to produce : type of emulsifier, emulsifier content in the final emulsion, acid and additives.

For the preparation of the soap solution, the dosing and activation of the emulsifier are the most crucial steps to make sure that the final emulsion meets the requirements of the formulation. Therefore you need to use the appropriate glass, weighing, homogenization and heating tools. Our selection of products will allow you to carry out these operations while respecting the formulas and guaranteeing operator safety.

Two production volumes : 2L and 5L.
To be used in combination with our Simplified and Complete laboratory pilots with an Atomix C® mill for emulsion production.