Sieve residue and storage stability

The evaluation of the residue on a sieve of the emulsions makes it possible to verify the performance of the chemical (bitumens, emulsifiers, additives) and mechanical (colloid mill) means used during manufacture. The EN 13808 standard specifies limit values as a percentage of residue on sieves in order to optimize the storage and use of emulsions.

A known mass of bitumen emulsion is successively filtered through two prepared sieves, with mesh openings of 0.500 mm and 0.160 mm. After rinsing and drying, the quantity of binder retained on each of the sieves is evaluated by weighing, in percentage (%) of the mass of sieved emulsion. The ASTM D244 and D6933 standards recommend the use of a 0.850 mm mesh screen.

Storage stability is determined by weighing the quantity of binder retained on a 0.500 mm sieve after a storage period of n days. It will make it possible to adapt the storage conditions.

EN 1429 | ASTM D244 | D6933