Dynamic and kinematic viscosity of bitumen

ASTM D21710 – Kinematic viscosity characterizes flow behavior. The method is used to determine the consistency of liquid bitumen as a determining factor in establishing consistency in shipments or sources of supply. Specifications are generally at temperatures of 60 and 135°C.

This test method covers the procedures for determining the kinematic viscosity of liquid bitumens, road oils and distillation residues all at 60°C and liquid bituminous binders at 135°C in the range of 6 to 100,000 mm²/s [cSt].

The results of this test method can be used to calculate the viscosity when the density of the test material at the test temperature is known or can be determined.

ASTM D2171 – Viscosity at 60°C characterizes flow behavior (dynamic) and can be used for specification requirements for cutback asphalt and bituminous binders. This test method covers the procedures for determining the apparent viscosity of the bituminous binder by capillary viscometers under vacuum at 60°C. It applies to materials with viscosities in the range of 0.0036 to more than 20,000 Pa·s [0.036 to more than 200,000 P].

ASTM D2170 | ASTM D2171