Brookfield | Rotating Viscometer

This test method describes a procedure for measuring the apparent viscosity of bituminous binders at different temperatures from 38 to 260°C using a rotary viscometer and a thermal chamber (Thermosel) for a controlled temperature and to maintain precisely this one. This test is essential for the characterization of the rheological properties of the binder.

The Brookfiel RVDV1M rotary viscometer model was selected by VIALAB because it can be used for bitumen applications thanks to the sensitivity of its measurement system to characterize the viscosity of the binder over the temperature range of the test. The proposed “spindles” are selected to allow the viscosity of a wide range of different bitumens to be determined in accordance with standards.

The advantage of the RVDV2 model compared to the RVDV1M proposed on this page will be to have a better sensitivity for emulsions. We also offer this model, contact us.

ASTM D4402 | ASTM D2669 | ASTM D2196