Manual Ball & Ring | Softening Point

The test is about determining the softening point of bitumens and bituminous binders in a temperature range from 28 °C to 150 °C. Two horizontal bitumen rings, molded in shouldered brass are heated in a liquid bath with a controlled temperature rise of +5 °C per minute, while each supports a stainless steel ball of defined size and weight .

The final softening point value correspond to the average of the temperatures at which the two rings soften enough to allow each ball, wrapped in bituminous binder, to get in contact with the bottom plate which is 25 ± 0.4 mm bellow the rings.

Warning : The manual set requires a good knowledge of the test, constent presence and is made for casual tests with binders of softening point below 65 °C. For a bigger amount of tests and variety of binders, we recommend going for an automatic device like the Infratest model.