Affinity Aggregates-Binder

EN 12697-11

This European Standard specifies procedures for determining the affinity between aggregate and bitumen and its influence on the susceptibility of the combination to stripping. This property is more intended to assist the designer in formulating the mix than to represent a proof of concept.

The susceptibility to stripping, as determined by these procedures, is an indirect measure of the ability of the binder to adhere to different aggregates or of different binders to adhere to a given aggregate.

In the “rotating bottle” method, the affinity is expressed by the degree of bitumen coating, determined visually, of mineral aggregates coated with bitumen, not compacted, after mechanical agitation in the presence of water.

EN 12697-2 + A1

Determination of the particle size composition of aggregates in bituminous mixtures, by sieving. The test applies to aggregates recovered after extraction of the binder according to EN 12697-1.

EN 12697-2 + A1 & EN 12697-11