Bitumen extraction with rotary evaporator

This test method makes it possible to recover soluble bitumen from bituminous mixtures used on roads or similar roads using a rotary evaporator in a form suitable for additional tests. The procedure is only suitable for the recovery of road bitumens of usual grades, for which this European Standard is a reference method.

After removing the undissolved solids from the bituminous solution, the bitumen is recovered by vacuum distillation using a rotary evaporator coupled to a vacuum pump. The bitumen is kept in solution for 24 hours.

VIALAB offers you a high-end device allowing the control of the speed of rotation of the flask 10 … 280 rpm, the temperature of the test bath 20 … 210 ° C and the control of the vacuum Patm .. ..2 mbar.

The proposed model is in glassware inclined at 45 °, we also offer vertical glassware as suggested in the standard according to your wishes. The evaporator has a motorized positioning system with automatic detection

Last important point, we offer a vacuum pump to be coupled to the evaporator having a flow ratio as a function of the pressure of the working vacuum allowing the test to be carried out under optimal conditions according to the characteristics of the test standard. .



EN 12697-3+A1 December 2018