Pavement Macrotexture Depth | PMD

The test method is used to determine the average depth of macrotexture of the surface of a coating using a volumetric technique. The determination of the average depth of the surface macrotexture of a coating by the leveling of a known volume of material on this surface and the measurement of the total surface thus covered. This technique is designed to provide an average depth value of the macrotexture of the coating and is considered insensitive to the microtexture characteristics of the coating.

For in situ tests, this test method is appropriate for determining the average macrotexture depth of the surface of a coating. When combined with other physical tests, the macrotexture depth values obtained by this test method can help to characterize the coating in relation to adhesion, rolling noise and assess the surface qualities of pavement materials. or surface treatments used.

EN 13036-1