VIALIT Cohesion Pendulum

Measurement of the cohesion of bituminous binders in the temperature range between -10 ° C and + 80 ° C. This method also makes it possible to establish the relationship between cohesion and temperature.

Determination of the ability of a binder to withstand the break in mass caused by tearing aggregates under the influence of traffic. A steel cube is glued by a binder film on a steel support. during the shock of a pendulum sheep on the cube, the breakage of the binder film slows the pendulum in its ascent after the impact.

The cohesion is calculated by relating the energy thus opposed by the binder to the surface of rupture.

Cohesion is one of the measures of the performance of a bituminous binder. Originally the cohesion measurement was developed for surface coatings, but this characteristic can be evaluated for any type of binder used for different road applications.

EN 13588