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Sylvie GERAUD in our Sales Administration

What is your personality ? “I am a dynamic, curious, and pugnacious. » Sylvie GERAUD [...]

Focus on Client – Laboratoire CBTP

Immersion at one of our clients: Laboratoire CBTP. Looking for a laboratory device to modify [...]

A whole production site for NAFTAL and METALENG

Inauguration of a complete production plant at 16G Semmar-Alger ✅Our teams are proud to deliver [...]

Bitumen emulsion training for SOGEA-SATOM Benin

VIALAB is heading to Benin ?? The Sogea-Satom Benin teams call on Vincent HESRY and [...]

Already 1 year at VIALAB for Antonin RICHARD

Cooking is like chemistry ?To celebrate 1 year at VIALAB, our chemical engineer Antonin RICHARD shows off [...]

What are biobased light colored binders in the road industry ?

Introduction In the road sector, biobased light colored binders, although marginal, are attracting attention because [...]

Everything about the production of PMB

Introduction The modification of bitumens by polymers is a common process, which aims at reinforcing [...]

VIALAB’s new era

? Vincent Hesry presents you the new era of VIALAB ? Since the integration of Emulbitume’s [...]

Particle size and stability of bitumen emulsions | Webinar

Links : Lab emulsion production : Agilis – Simplified laboratory pilot Seperation stability and Particle [...]