High-viscosity Product Heater | 3 Liters

In laboratory, the heating of lots of products is difficult to manage due to their physical properties. It is the case of bitumen but also of a variety of coumpounds which are solid or highly viscous at room temperature. To handle, mix, or transform them, operators need adapted tools to prevent any degradation due to a too high heating power. In the industries where bitumen are used, one knows that its heating requires a large surface of contact but a relatively low heating power (less 1 W/cm²). By this way, the product is protected from any loss of performance, and the energy consumption is optimized.

Originally designed for bitumen heating during labscale preparation of Polymer-Modified Bitumen, the High-viscosity Product Heater | 3L is a very efficient tool to manage the heating or the temperature maintenance of any highly viscous product in the laboratory. With its optimal volume of 3 liters, it makes it easy to heat products with respect to their thermal sensitivity by developping a heating power uniformly transmitted through the whole lateral surface of the chamber. Thus, heating low-thermal conductivity products such as bitumen, or melting solid products (fatty acids, rosins, waxes,…) to mix them with additives becomes easy, without risk of degradation.

This product is entirely designed by VIALAB and 100% built in France.

High-viscosity Product Heater 3L