High-viscosity Product Heater | 3 Liters

In the laboratory, heating products can be challenges due to their physical properties. This is the case of bitumen and viscous products of high heat capacity. To handle them, operators need suitable divices in order to avoid any degradation and excessive heating.
The High Viscosity Product Heater from VIALAB,originally designed for the preparation of polymer-modified bitumen in the laboratory , is a very effective way to manage the heating of any viscous substance and to maintain a precise the temperature over time. The device allows products to be efficiently heated while respecting their thermal sensitivity thanks to an efficient regulation and a uniform distribution of the heating power over the entire contact surface.
Bitumen, viscous solids (fatty acids, resins, waxes) and all products with low thermal conductivity are therefore easily heated and maintained at a constant temperature, all of this in full safety and while saving energy compared to a standard oven.

This product is entirely designed by VIALAB and 100% produced in France.

NEW : The Adaptator 1L allows to adapt the heater in order to handle smaller buckets of 1 L capacity.