100 years of bitumen emulsion

100 ans brevet émulsions de bitume

« Want a glass of emulsion ? »

To celebrate the 100th anniversary of the first patent on bitumen emulsions for road applications, IBEF (International Bitumen Emulsion Fed) has sent us those custom champagne flutes. What better way to pay tribute to cold asphalt techniques than filling these cups with fresh emulsion ?

Before staining them with emulsion, we raised our glasses to this symbolic centenary, which should remind us of one thing : emulsion techniques have gone a long way. The solution to today’s challenges in the road sector is right there, in this know-how that has evolved throughout the years to play a key role in the transition of our network.

Spring Webinar 2023

Additionally, IBEF held its annual Spring Webinar on June 13th, which gave IBEF’s members the opportunity to present their bitumen emulsion experience. You wish to now more about bitumen emulsion techniques in Poland, Spain or Mexico ? Check the recordings of the webinar on IBEF’s website together with ever increasing amount of information that they have on this platform, including annual activity reports, presentations of bitumen emulsion techniques, and more.