Decarbonate roads – 2 years to launch the transition

Décarbonation des routes - La transition vers les émulsions

2 years.

This is the time remaining for the French road sector to reach its climate goals through the development of emulsions techniques (cold asphalt techniques). From 5.4% in 2022, cold asphalt must reach 8% of the total asphalt produced in 2025.

If we were to only look at the 2023 Environmental Assessment report from Routes de France, we might believe that the sector is not up to the challenge: since this report exists, the production of bitumen emulsions in France has never been so low (Sources: Routes de France, IBEF).

To really grasp the transition that is underway, one needs to be in contact with emulsion producers, applicators and laboratories. The will progresses, the know-how extends, the production capacities are being deployed.

What we hear in the field: “We need to develop emulsions thoroughly”, “This is the only really effective option”, “It requires a lot of change in a short time, but the energy is there” .

Cold asphalt mixes, surface dressings and other bitumen emulsion techniques are of course only part of the whole effort that must happen in the sector, but it is essential: bitumen emulsions Bitumen are the only way to ensure the quality of our road network in a sector that wants to lower its carbon footprint.

Change is underway.

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