pH Measurement of Soap Solutions

Controlling the pH of a solution makes it possible to assess its acidity or, conversely, its alkalinity. This is a crucial point during the preparation of the soap solutions of the emulsions to verify the activation of the emulsifier or in post-production control on the emulsion itself, according to standard NF EN 12850. Variations in pH important between the aqueous phase and the emulsion can reveal important information on the behavior of the emulsified binder.

The pH measurement is carried out using a portable or bench-top pH meter, with a wired or wireless electrode (Bluetooth). An electrode is immersed in the solution to be controlled at a given temperature. The device returns a value between 0 and 7 in the case of an acid solution, and between 7 and 14 in the case of alkaline solutions. The electrodes should be checked and calibrated regularly using buffer solutions of known pH.

EN 12850